Checking out from CVS

C'mon. We're not even in a real alpha state yet. The code doesn't do much, and it certainly doesn't implement any sort of game. But if you really want the code from CVS, run these two commands:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co code

When prompted for a password, just hit Enter.
(Yes, "code" is a terrible name. It's an old habit.)

You may also choose to look at the CVS repository without downloading the entire tree. Thankfully, SourceForge offers this service via ViewCVS. You can view our tree by clicking the link. Be warned that until August, SF's ViewCVS is using the backups, so the code you see could be up to 24 hours old.

Hacking the code

Decent time to mention all the code is licensed under the GNU General Public License. There's certainly no anonymous commiting to the CVS tree. If you want to become a developer, contact me somehow.